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It will be a small face. I will make my face smaller by hand. It does not hurt. The outline of the face becomes beautiful. My face gets thin.Also popular celebrities go through.

magic osteopathy.



You also have a small face at once.

The distortion of the left and right face becomes beautiful. The balance of the shape of the face gets better. Ella ‘s glue becomes small and small.

The size of the eyes will be cute, snappy. The chin engagement is set.

The one with 96% or more makes a small face at once.



DSCN1096 (2)

The climax line is also fresh.

Your skin will become slippery. The face line will go up and rejuvenate.

Actually, I will introduce the voice of customers who received the small face correction.


I was very surprised by the changes before and after the procedure.

I felt surprised seeing the mirror while the sag of my face disappeared and I felt that my nose was also passed.

I think it was refreshing like when I was single.

I am thankful for the teacher ‘s operation than I expected.

Thank you very much.


About five years ago, distortion of the right and left face of the face is a big problem for me, and I have tried several massage salon treatments in Kyoto, but I was quick to return and gave up a short period of time to feel the effect The

I think that this is the last time, but I am indebted here, but the difference in the size, the size, and the difference in the size of the eyes are right after the treatment right after the treatment, and the condition has been received so far Clearly different! I was able to realize that.

I am very happy.

I was able to stay in a very good condition, as I was able to fix the gap of the neck bone that I had given up if I could not get rid of it.

Thank you very much.


When I was looking for a place to be a small face on the internet, I found it here.

I had a pretty good evaluation, so I decided to go there and received the treatment.

The teacher was good and gave me a polite description of the face.

The treatment was more effective than expected and I was surprised.

thank you very much.

My head is also a bit small.

It is safer than cosmetic surgery, safe. It changes to span from inside, rather than only the surface esthetics.

I get a small face that is crispy.

・Before operation

Please see under the chin. Below the left chin you can see the jaw line sharply. But right there is no line.

PIC_0077 (2)

· After the magic treatment (it is a single procedure)

Sharp right, it became chin line! Swelling was refreshing!


The lines of the left and right jaws became thinner and clean.

Men also change.

Especially the eyes and nose.


I will be excited myself, whose face changes rapidly!

Seeing mirrors and pictures, I look forward to more!

I will like my face. First impressions, I will go up. Encounter luck will also rise.People I love will always be loved.

· Small facial correction of magic

Treatment 45min

30000 yen(tax included)

Business trip to the hotel where you stay

50000 yen(tax included)

● Why do people come from all over the world?

・Many celebrities will also come. The practitioner has also published two books. A famous practitioner in Japan.

・A welcoming atmosphere.The facility is clean and the staff is courteous. Please take your time and enjoy your stay.

・Transportation is convenient.It’s close to Kyoto Station. It is a 10 minute walk from the nearest station, Hankyu Katsura Station.

・We only speak a little English, but with experience we can communicate smoothly.

● information

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-18pm
Sunday&Holiday Regular holiday

Payment: Cash(Japanese yen) 、Credit Cards Accepted

Contact: 075-393-8083


Address:13-24 goryouchi-machi, Nishikyo-ku,Kyoto-city,Japan

Nearest station:10 minutes walk from Hankyu Katsura station


● Reservation

電話:call us on +81753938083
any questions about


It is a way from Hankyu Kei station.Arriving in 10 minutes on foot.

There are two exits of Katsura station.

There are West Exit and East Exit.

Leave the ticket gate and turn left. It is West Exit.

After walking 50 meters from the west entrance, you will see the stairs. I get off.


Soon you will see the Zur Cha Drag and the Mister Donut.

Go straight ahead along the road between Zurja and Misudo.


Walk for about 5 minutes, it will end surely.

There is a bicycle storage area. I will go to the right.


I will get off the stairs in the West Kyoto Hospital soon as I can see it on the left hand side.


You can see the flashing signal.

Cross the sidewalk and proceed straight ahead along the way in the middle of the liquor store and drag Yutaka.


About 100 meters beyond, there is a garage at the Saigyo Municipal Hospital.

Turn left.


You can see about 20 garages. Turn to the right.


I will turn right at once.


The sign of our huge tree will be visible.


Please use the free garage.

If you get lost, please feel free to call me soon.


I am looking forward to seeing you.